Lark Hadron Collider

In Artikel on September 11, 2008 at 5:32 am

Everything about Lark Hadron Collider is now ready for the first injection of proton beams into the LHC on the 10th September 2008. Proton beams have already been injected into the first metres of the LHC, to test the injection process, but the first attempt to circulate beams all the way around the LHC will be on the official start up day. If everything proceeds according to plan the beam will circulate all the way around the 27 km long LHC.  Over the following months the LHC scientists and engineers will commission the LHC, running beams at higher energy with the intention of beginning collisions, using relatively low energy (5TeV) beams, towards the end of 2008. The extensive preparations for the start of LHC experiments have included exhaustive safety assessments, including the potential risk of creating new particles, black holes etc. The latest risk assessment is available.


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